Social Justice Issues

Refugees and People Seeking Asylum

The St Vincent de Paul Society NSW is proud of the role we have played helping to make our communities places where people seeking protection have been able to rebuild their lives, care for their children, prosper and thrive. Our Refugees and People seeking Asylum Social Justice Statement offers practical recommendations to Government to better support people seeking protection, and to ensure we uphold their human rights.

Mental health and well-being

Vinnies NSW works closely with those experiencing mental ill-health and has seen first-hand how homelessness, unemployment, and social isolation can impact mental health. Our Mental Health and Well-being Social Justice Statement acknowledges the challenges people face when experiencing mental ill-health and offers recommendations to Government to assist people to access the support needed to live well in our communities.

Housing and homelessness

Everyone has the right to home. A home is not just the roof over your head. It is where we raise our families, socialise with our friends, and become part of our local community. Our Housing and Homelessness Social Justice Statement outlines steps Government should take to ensure all people have access to housing that affords them physical safety, protection from the elements, and security of tenure, at a cost that does not compromise access to other essentials like food and energy.